Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Miley cyrus boobs. S e x y pictures.

Miley cyrus boobs. Fresh pics...
miley cyrus boobsmiley cyrus boobsmiley cyrus boobsmiley cyrus boobsmiley cyrus boobs
How to cope with his curvy? Im not fat but not stick thin. I hate how I look. I have a small waist, average boobs (C), and medium-sized buttocks and thighs. I wish my body was more like ... slender. It hurts to say really, I would prefer to have Miley Cyruss figure. Lmfao. But anyway, my hips go straight-in-and-out, and I am too old for my age. Everyone says that i dont look like a virgin, and in 14! Its so annoying. My weight is 135 in Ad-57. In each of ten pounds, the weight will i want to, but its not going to no help. I dont have big bones, my wrist and what is not really smaller than most petite women ... but curvy! Ughhh. How can I deal with it?
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